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Recor is part of the Recor Group was founded in 1949 by Rene Corthouts. Its principal activities were manufacturing and selling mattresses. 60 years later, the Recor Group has evolved and today it is a company with a strong reputation in the furniture market offering much more than just mattresses. The company has a wide selection of armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, furniture for sitting rooms and bedrooms and a diverse assortment of products tat offer all different degrees of sleeping comfort. All these products have been available throughout the years and they have always been characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio, Belgian craftsmanship, quality and comfort were and still are the foundations beneath the success of the company. The Recor Group also offers an assortment without precedent: you can choose from no less than 900 different models that offer sitting, relaxing or sleeping comfort.


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