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Sherborne - Rembrandt 2 Seater Settee and Chair

2-Seater Settee and 324/325 Chair
This is also available as a conventional Suite - just link a 2-Seater Left Arm and a 2-Seater Right Arm section together and add a freestanding Chair.
Choice of Dark Beech or Light Oak feet with matching or fabric facings.
- Almost any size of Settee or Corner Suite obtainable - just link together as many sections as you like
Large / Standard Corner Suite with round end section: W304 x D215.5 x H97.5 cm
Large Corner Suite: W299.5 x D215.5 x H97.5 cm
Large / Standard Corner Suite: W299.5 x D259.5 x H97.5 cm
Large Settee with Round End: W241.5 x D93 x H97.5 cm
Large Reclining Settee: W219 x D99.5 x H104 cm
Large Settee: W217 x D93 x H97.5 cm
Standard Reclining Settee: W179 x D99.5 x H104 cm
Standard Settee: W177 x D93 x H97.5 cm
Standard Recliner: W102 xD99.5 x H104 cm
Standard Chair: W102 x D93 x H97.5 cm
Modular options available.

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